Tips In Going on Rome Tours

Planning to have a tour to the marvelous and wonderful city of Rome is overwhelming. Visiting Rome for the first time bring more chaotic and desperate experience if not totally planned. Below are some helpful tips to guide you while you’re on Rome. Click here for more:


Take a reserve space and booked to the most popular sites in Rome. A place that has the most number of tourist must be prioritize. Booking to the Vatican and Colosseum which has the longer line in summer can take over an hour. Skip the line tours usually splurge well and worth the money. Do not stay long queueing the line to see the internal part, witnessing the whole area is enough than paying lots of money. Remember that your trip to Rome is not cheap, so paying a little bit can save and can make more trips.


Spring and Fall is the best visiting time in Rome. This beautiful and inviting place is a year good to visit, but  going to Rome during the month of April/May and September/October is the best choice using The Roman Guy.


Carrying a least extra baggage is a convenient idea when taking a trip. A bottle of water is great in going around the place you want to explore. Some sites of the place has a water taps to fill in your bottle once it is empty. So  you’ll never have to buy a water.


Avoid going to a very expensive restaurants. Most restaurants applies extra charge as a table service fee, and beside, bread has an additional charge too. So let your waiter and other table personnel to not include bread if you don’t want it for it will be charged automatically. 


Carry only minimal amount of money when going to public places. Pickpockets are always on the go looking for a prey. Beware in public transportation for it is their hotspot to do their plan. Never put your things, purse and phone unattended while eating.


In going around Rome, it is a must to wear a very comfortable shoes. Wearing high heels brings discomfort and might cause wounds in your feet. You cannot enjoy the sights of Rome if you’re uncomfortable because of sore feet.Comfortable sneakers will help a lot and brings comfort while enjoying.


Most Italian people don’t eat breakfast because they usually late eaters. They tend to have dinner late at night and that is why restaurants usually opens 8 pm. So it’s better to visit bars that serves coffee and croissants if you can’t wait until 8 pm. There’s a lot of traditional coffee bars to visit all over the city if you want to fill your stomach. Learn more here:

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